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Jokum Lind Jensen, is a Danish born Artist, blacksmith, teacher and researcher living and working in the Dalsland region of western Sweden.


The majority of my work, stems from an exploration of the material´s nature within the hot forging process, My work process is a circular interplay between material, concepts and techniques. These three elements complement each other and are each other's mutual inspiration.


In my work I purposefully try to expose, develop, and challenge the craft tradition I am part of in order to place it in a contemporary context.

Compactness and weight are themes I work with extensively, for me, these are defining properties of steel as a material. At the same time there is an almost fleshy delicacy and sensuousness in the hot forged shapes, a tactility combined with strength. I see the material both as a medium for a larger narrative, and as the self-contained end mean of my investigation.


Fundamentally I aspire to expose and communicate the power and the force that I find present in nature, in the earth and the forest, and which is an essential part of my being. A power which most of us, more or less deliberately, have removed from our comfortable lives. 


I work both with my own artistic process, collaborate with architects and designers, and work towards various private and public clients.

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