I am constantly intrigued and fascinated by the forging process, both the material itself, the plasticity of the hot iron, the playfulness, the unpredictable shapes that emerge in the working process, and the craft of blacksmithing, its traditions and design elements.
In the centre of this fascination is the material. Especially when hot forged and manipulated steel reveals its amazing potential. The contrast between the hard, rigid material most think of as steel, and the malleable, plastic, organic, full forms that emerge in the forging process is a constant awe inspiring challenge and inspiration. I am trying to put these things into a context of mass, weight and composition.
In addition to this i am also fascinated by the monumental. By this I do not only mean size, but also volume, weight, intensity, numbers, compactness and in most cases a certain darkness, not angst ridden, but as in the vast unconscious, the underworld, the forgotten and hidden vast intensity that holds our lives.
I mostly work with public art in some relation or other, but I also work for galleries and do private commisions.

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